Friday, February 22, 2013

Trip to Holland!!!

       We went to Holland to help Isha. Isha is a daughter of my mum's friend. She comes from Dubai. She came to Holland to study. We went to Holland to help Isha settle down in the new country.

We helped Isha settle down by giving Indian food and we helped her to know how to buy vegetables  in a market, how to travel by bus or tram.

We went to Holland for a holiday and to help Isha settle down it looks like killing 2 birds with one stone. We started on a big feast in Isha's friends house. The food we ate is Delicious. After lunch I played a nice game with Isha's friends.

When we are playing dad said he want us to go to the apartment. So we drove to the apartment. We couldn't park near our apartment and so we parked in the park house. We had to walk for 10 minutes far from the park house to the apartment.

Next day we went to Alkmaar and Volendam. In Alkmaar we saw beautiful lakes. Rishabh acted like  tourist guide. In Volendam we saw a cheese market. My father bought a special gift for my mom. While my father was buying a gift for my mother Isha was taking pictures of me and the sculptures. 

Saturday was a special day for all of us and it was mother's birthday. We all celebrate mom's birthday in Isha's house. Isha has bought a gift to mama. After we celebrate mom's birthday we went to a place called Rotterdam and Hauge. In Hauge we went to the palace. Then we went to Rotterdam. We had lunch. After lunch we went to the harbour museum. Isha took us to show her collage. Then we went to the very Italian restaurant. We had fun!!!!!!!!

Sunday was the last day of the holiday. We started the day by going to the lake. Before leaving to düsseldorf  we had a good meal in Isha's house. While Isha is cooking I made a card for my father. Then we went to düsseldorf.

Thank you!!!!!!!