Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Experience with my BROKEN ARM!

My pink cast!!!!!!!

My peel and sore arm with out the cast!!!!!!!!!

On 13th of June, it was lunch time in school. I fell down (how: we were playing tag, there were two taggers one at the back and the front, the tagger at the back tagged me and it was a little push. After that I jump and fell on the floor). Then I cried badly. My friends asked me if my arm was broken. I told them I didn't know. I was inconsolable. Then the tagger at the back took me to the nurse. And then I sat with my arm on top of the ice pack for 2 hours because I was waiting for my mum.

 Then I went to the hospital with my mum. After that the doctor put tissue with cream and wrap it with bandage. At night it was hurting badly. So I wailed. Then the doctor called us and he told us that I had fractured my arm. So we went to the doctor for him to put bandage on. When he was done I went to school. All of my friends got concerned. My arm was sored. I felt really lonely because I had nothing to play. I only watched. I felt bored.

After 2 weeks, I felt excited because the doctor was going to cut my cast. I went to the doctor to cut it off then he put a new bandage on. Then I went home. After ten days the doctor cut my bandage off. It was stiff and when I moved it, it hurt. The next day after my shower my hand look terrible because my skin started to peel. The skin hurt. And so I decided to not touch it. My mother put cream and oil delicately. My skin is less painful. I can move it easily and it is less stiff.