Thursday, July 28, 2011

My summer holidays

  1. In my summer holidays my mum's friend and her daughter came for dinner in my house. She was running around and pulling everything I feel excited she was shouting and my hear is paining.
  2. I started my blog called" Prisha's musings". 
  3. I visited my family in India.
  4. I played German game with  dad called Maus Rieb aus.
  5. I played with the doll and bram , bed. 
  6. I went to my mum's friend house dinner and I was being careful to don't fall down.
  7. My mum was not well. So we took her to the doctor to check her and she was fine.
  8. I went shopping and I was buying vegetables and fruits. 
  9. My parents help me to do my homework.
  10. I did math with Rishabh. 
  11. I read books and explained to my mum and dad.
  12. One day I dreamt about my teacher and my classmates. 
  13. I went to Ikea and I ate pizza , cola , ice cream and it was tasty.
  14. I wrote my mind map about chocolate cake , India , what did I do in my holidays.
  15. My mum bought the money plant. 
  16. My baby tooth broke. 
  17. My parents bought me a scooter.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    My emotions

    My mind map

    1. I feel jealous when Rishabh loves dad.
    2. When Sumeti aunty give my mum a medizini(a German magazine) , my mum give it to me, I feel excited.
    3. When dad says Prisha leave your bear at home , I feel lonely.
    4. When I put the cap on my head and I feel cool.
    5. When I see Dadi I feel loved.
    6. When Rishabh says Prisha is a stupid girl , I feel silly. 
    7. Mum says Prisha lets go for a shauer (shower) and I feel bored.
    8. I feel shy when someone loves me. 
    9. I feel miserable when dad go to meunic (Munich) for 2 days.
    10. I feel like crying when I fall down , hurt my self. 
    11. When it is dark I feel scared .
    12. When I ride on my scooter I feel cautious .
    13. I feel sad when the tear on my new clothes , my mum says don't worried.
    14. Rishabh yelled at me. I feel anger and I think that I need to write fast.
    15. When my mum put on the music I feel blissful.

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Baking the chocolate cake

    Putting ingredients

    Pouring oil

    Put batter in the baking tin,yummmmyy
    Cake is baked

    Do you want a slice?
    Apple and almond cake
              I am confident about baking a cake. I will tell you how to make a cake. So I measured 1 cup of sugar and 2 cups of flour with cocoa. I measured half a cup of oil. My mum put butter on the baking tin. I measured 1 a cup of curd + two big spoon of butter + orange juice. We put baking powder to let the cake rise, soft. I put the mixci and mix it together. Again we put juice and we put the chocolate batter in the baking tin and we put it in the oven. After the cake is baked I waited for the cake to be cold. We take it out from the baking tin. We put it on the cutting board. We ate it with cofi ice cream. I like the smell of the cake when mum's take it out.

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    My new scooter

    I grabed my scooter

    I ride it

    I hugged it !
              I have been reading, writing,writing in my diary, working in my English books and math in my summer vacation. My mum was thrilled and wanted to gave me a scooter for a surprise. So I went to  internet then I went to and then I went to scooter and I decided to see which scooter should I buy . So I asked my mum if I could buy the scooter. My mum agreed. So we got ready and we went to Real. I was looking forward for my scooter and I thought that the scooter was not there. I looked for the  scooter in the toys section. I said" oh it was not there !!". Suddenly I saw the scooter on the shelf and I grabed the  scooter and I showed it to mumma. She said that to let her see it. She told daddy that it was ok and he told her that it was ok. I was jumping with excitment. I hugged the scooter and my dad took my pictures. I carried the scooter box and we payed it.We took it home and I gave it to Rishabh. He put it together and gave it to me and I hugged mumma so much. I rode it. I am very happy !!!!

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    My mind map

      My mind map for "vacation in India"

    Vacation in India

    NDA Delhi


    Dadi and me sight seeing

    i love my teddy

    Goldsmith puts breslet for me

    Bua and me in school

    Many ducks

              I have summer holidays and we decided to make a trip to visit India. I packed my luggage and I went to the airport and I said bye to daddy and I was crying so much. I flew to Delhi. I met nani and nanoo. It is very hot. I didn't like it. I wrote on my dairy it was about what did in the plane. I read a lot of books. My cosin made a card for daddy.

    I flew to Indore after a few days. I met my Bua and Dadi in their house. I gave Dadi a new phone. I went        to her new house and helping her to clean the house. I bought nail polish and a ring and a breslet. Bua bought many books. I was learning how to stitch with Dadi and I was trying to stitch the teddy's clothes. I was helping bua to clean the table. My mum went to Pune and she came after 3 days. I fet sad and also felt crying in my heart. After1 days my mum came and I don't miss her any more . We had a picnic in bua's room . I took a tour of the city and I did sight seeing. I saw temple , shops , clicking picture and had so much fun. I said bye to dadi and bua because I was going to Delhi. I told them that I would come back.

    I flew to Delhi again. I had fun. My cosin came to meet me and we went to the restorant. My aunt gave      me money to buy things and also she gave me UNO cards !!!!!!I said bye and then we traveled back to Germany.

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Celebreting Rishabh's birthday

    yummy berry plum cake!!


    Rish Prish cutting cake !!

              We decided to make a cake because on 6 July 2011 it was Rishabh's birthday. I was excited. I was jumping because mumma told me it was my brother's birthday. Ohhhhh!! wow I thought that I would bake a cake as a surprise gift. So I decided to bake a plum and berries cake. Mumma and I made the cake. Then we put the cake in the oven. When my brother came and I told him we were baking the pizza.      
             After the cake was baked. We hid it behind the spoon stand. Daddy came home. I was jumping. Mum , dad and I a cake and put it on the table. I asked Rishabh go to his room and wait there. I closed the door and daddy told me where the candle was. It was near the temple. I went there took two candle from the jar and put one on  the cake and one near the cake. I called Rishabh. He" said "Ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!! he said thank you !!!!!!!!! Prisha and hugged me. He blew the candle. He cut the cake. We all sang to him. Happy birthday to Rishabh , we all ate cake. I like to bake it again. Everybody liked it so much.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Going to the circus

    In the circus !

    They are beautiful!

    Acrobat doing tricks !

    Hula hoop dancing !

    I love camels 

    me and the camel

    Walking on the tightrope

    Ponies ! I want it !!!

    Jugglers playing with fire 

    ohhh Camel

    Such a big horse !

    Me and horse !
     I went to the circus with my family on Sunday afternoon. The circus was in the neighberhood. I was         excited. I sat down in the car and we drove to the circus. We bought tickets and we sat down on the seat in the tent. We waited for the performers to start performing on the arena.

    First came a horse and a pony. The ring-master hit the whip and made the horse run. The two black horses were very beautiful and I liked the performance!
    Then came the acrobats who performed gymnastics. The trapeze artist performed tricks on the trapeze. It was very interesting! He jumped and danced on the swing. Dancers danced on the arena. They danced very nicely. The clowns did funny things that made the audience laugh. We applauded and enjoy together. The acrobats were walking on the tight rope. The dancers was wearing colourfull costumes. The jugglers was juggling the ring , ball and batons. The camels were running around the arena. This circus was a good entertainment programme. I liked performers because they did good tricks.
          I wish that I can go once again. I wish that I could bring a pony home. The circus is fun. I wanted to learn how to play tricks.

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Who am I?

    Love the school
    Sport medal !
                My name is Prisha. I am from India but I live in Germany with my father, mother and my brother. I live in Dusseldorf. I speak English.I am 7 years old. I study in Dusseldorf. I have my summer holidays now. In August I will go to Grade 2. I like to read books. I go to meet my family in India in my holidays. Everyday my brother teaches me Maths. My mother and father read with me and help me with English. I like to learn how to write fast. My hobbies are writing and drawing. I learn ballet in school. I like to wear pink clothes. I go to the speech therapist to learn to speak better. I wear hearing aids.