Sunday, October 9, 2011

Going to Holland

Beautiful and peaceful

Reading in the car

waiting to go in the cave

Elegant horses

Eating lunch

My family

Horses in the field

In the dark cave

Murals in the cave

4 Statues in the towncentre

Me and bear

The lantern

Dark cave

Ice cream time !!!!
Last week we went with my mum's friend Srishti Aunty to Holland. We reach Holland in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Holland is 100 km away from Dusseldorf.

I ate idli,chutney for lunch. I saw many horses. They were nibling on the grass and neighing loudly. Then I went to the caves. In the caves I felt cold and it was dark. I felt a little scared. I saw lots of painting.

I went to the town center in Maastricht. In the town center I saw 4 statues. I ate ice cream.

Then we went shopping.

I went to the petrol pump to drink coffee.

We went home.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going to Amsterdam

On Saturday I went to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam I went to museum to see Anne Frank's house. She was a girl. I saw so many diaries that she wrote everyday. She had her small house with the small steps. I found it difficult to climbed on the small steps. I saw where Anne Frank died and her father talking about her on the T.V.

I ate idli, chutney, french fries, ice cream for lunch. Then I felt sick because I ate so much food.

We went for a cruise on a boat for 1 hour. I took pictures and videos of the bridges, a building which looks like a plane, so many buildings.

I drank juice. We walked to the parking place but we could not find it. So we asked the person and they gave us directions. We went walking and we saw it then went home.