Thursday, October 9, 2014

🌸 🌺 My Experience in Oberursel 🌺 🌸

My best room!! My room forever!!

I am writing about what I have done in the last 2 months. We moved to Oberursel near Frankfurt on 30/6/14. We stayed in my dad's house for one night because the house we all were going to live had no beds.

In the last 2 months we had no internet. My family was so bored, so my mum decided to paint on canvas with me. A few days later, the postman got us a box. when we brought it to the living room, I asked my brother what was inside? he said "think" then I said "internet"? He said "yes". I jumped so many times, but  he said we don't know if it worked. Then I stopped jumping and also I saw a mini ipad and I was so happy that the mini ipad is only for my dad, mum and my brother. The big ipad is mine forever!!!!! A few days later, the data plan in the USB stick was over. So we had to wait again.

Two weeks later, the internet man came to fix the internet and he brought cables too. Then the internet worked! That made all of us happy, my dad has his new phone and mini ipad. We got my brother's results on his birthday and he passed his graduation. My dad went by bus to get my mum's car and he drove it home from Munich, I was excited.

I was feeling sad that my mum decided to cut my hair because it too long and I could not manage it. it was very short but it looked pretty. I felt very happy.

I had a friend who came to my house for a morning snack. Her name is Diya. She is not allowed peanuts. Suddenly she ate it, she was breathless. Her mum said Diya and she had to rush home to give her medicine. Her mum said it wasn't my mum's fault, it was her fault because she forgot to tell my mum not to give peanuts to Diya. My mum was guilty, sad and nervous. 
WEEEEEE!! THAT IS AWESOME!! Made so many friends!!

My New School!!
We went to see my new school named FIS (Frankfurt International School. I met two new friends named Tanya and Ria. We went to see my brother's house because he is staying alone and he is in college for 3 years. After we came back we went to a restaurant and we all ate vege pizza. Tanya and Ria came to my house for a snack. We had so much fun!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Visit to the Christmas Market !!!!

My dad told me that we are going to the Christmas market. The reason why we want to go to the Christmas market is because my mum wants to buy some gifts for our family and our friends.

Christmas market starts 5 weeks before Christmas. On 25th Dec Christmas is Jesus Christ birthday. The season is winter and it is very cold and rainy. There are colourful lights and colourful decorations. There are vibrant green Christmas trees and some Santa Claus statues. Also there was a giant wheel. The Christmas market looks magnificent. There was a shop which shaped like a boat. There are so many things we can buy like hats, scarves, jackets, mats, winter clothes and also in the Indian shops you can buy Indian mats and other stuff that come from India. When I was walking I smelled lots of food and drinks like french fries, pork, candy, bread, meat and hot chocolate. There are jewellery and other things that are available.

I was feeling animated. Lots of people were having fun. I have been going to the Christmas market last two years.

The End

Song Called Shining


When I close my eyes then I can see 
When I close my eyes I am alive
When I close my eyes I am-not afraid
Zig zag zo dibi dibi zo deep in the sea asi man dasi man dasi man dasi dasi man 
Zig zag zo dibi dibi zo deep in the sea asi man dasi man dasi man dasi dasi man
Starasha starasha star shines in the sky
Starasha starasha take me to the river take me to the sea climb the highest mountain and go there with me.
Starasha starasha sun shines every daylight
Starasha starasha sun please come out from the clouds
Starasha starasha let it be sunny everyday
Starasha starasha take me to the river take me to the sea climb the highest mountain and go there with me.
Starasha starasha if you take me to the sea at night then the stars will shine on the the sea it will look so beautiful
Through the clouds and the rain_______ for the rest of your life___
I wish I wish that I could catch the stars
I wish I wish I could play on the stars
I wish I wish I could fly with the stars 
When I close my eyes I am-not afraid 
When I try to see the reason why, if I ever could understand

I would find the hope to me try and I am-not afraid
Take me to the river take me to the sea climb the highest mountain and go there with me.
Take me where the wind blows_, Take me to the sun_
Take me to the river that flows to the sea_____
When I try to see the reason why, if I ever could understand
I would find the hope to me try and I am-not afraid and I am-not afraid

The End

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Helen Keller

In my school we were learning about famous people and our unit of inquiry was people experiences shape their beliefs and behavior. There was four books about four famous men, but I saw one book about 1 woman's I I was curious. It was about Helen Keller's life, so I decided to read it. After I read it I thought I should write about her.

In 1880, Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia Alabama. She learned, laughed, talked and had lots of fun. One day in 1882, everything stopped, on the second day she was turning and tossing on her bed, she was very sick. The doctor was called. She had scarlet fever when she was about 18 months old. The doctor could not give Helen's mother and father much hope. Soon after scarlet fever when she was better, she became deaf, blind and mute.

In 1886, Annie Sullivan arrived from Perkins Institute. She helped Helen to do lots of things. But Helen thought that Annie Sullivan was a stranger. So Annie Sullivan tried and tried to help her. 

In 1888, Helen could, talk with her fingers, listen with the palm in her hand, she knew as many words as any other eight year old child. She could read raised print books. She could write with a pencil, she was even learning how to read and write in Braille, the raised dot language of blind. 

In 1892, she announced that she wanted to go to college and the the college she wanted to go is Harvard, but Annie Sullivan told Helen that Harvard was a boy's school. After that she said that she wanted to go to Radcliffe college which was for woman's. In 1900, she entered the Radcliffe college. 

In 1904, she graduated Cum Laude - with honor - from Radcliffe college. She was the best educated deaf an blind person in the world. In 1936, a sad thing for her was that Annie Sullivan died on October 19th. 

In 1939, a terrible war broke out in Europe. It spread to many countries of the world. In 1946, during the Second World War, Helen went from hospital to hospital, all across the country. She helped the soldiers. She flew an open aircraft. She went on the roughest camping trips, and she visited the great cities of the world. She could tell many of these cities apart by their smells.

Her belief was "happiness"
In 1968, Helen was very sick and she was in bed. She died on June 1. But her spirits live on. As she said so many times, "the best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart".

So that was all I found about Helen Keller. I have a connection of Helen Keller and the connection is that she was deaf and blind and I am deaf. 

My small talk about her on this link....

Click here, my video

I wish to inspire all, If I can can you .....:)))

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Trip to India

Ready to go to Dubai!!!!
My mother with me in the airport!!!
I was waiting for the holidays to start. On the last day after my school on 19/12/13. I went to Dubai on the emirates flight.

My Aunt's Daughter with me!!!!
There is a problem on that plane. The problem was when I was hungry, the Air Hostess gave me a non-vegetarian meal. We are not non-vegetarian, we are vegetarian. So my mother was upset. So the Air Hostess gave me sandwiches, I was feeling better but the sandwiches are cold and hard. Then I reached Dubai and I met my Uncle, my Aunt and their daughter. Oh! wow what a lovely dosa my aunt, I ate it hungrily.

Yeahhhhhh got lots of tickets!!!1

Flying with the balloon!!!

Every thing in pink!!!! Got the ring in Fun City
Santa Claus gave me a gift!!!!
I want to buy something from here!!!
We went to Fun City for me to play. I was playing lots of games, I got lots of tickets so that I can buy something in Fun City. I bought a ring, tattoos and bracelet materials so that I can make a bracelet. I was feeling delighted. I went to another place , the name of the place is called festival city. The lady was taking pictures of us. Also in the festival city, we went to see the planets and the magician show. The magician showed magic tricks. We were sitting on bean bags, we were relaxed. There were very loud music, my mother tried one magic trick, the magic trick was to build a tour out of boxes without letting it to fall. Before they built a tour I prayed to god. There are 3 people with my mother, so they built a tour. The other 3 people's tours fell, but my mother was very clever and her tour didn't fall so she was a winner. All of the children came to sit next to Santa Claus. I was wondering what he was going to give and he gave box full of toy bricks. We had fun.

Got a Butterfly out of face paint on my face!!!
Missing my Aunt's Daughter :(  
Got a flower out of face paint and enjoying with mango juice!!!
We all went to a restaurant. We ate paneer, dal, aloo and desert. The clown made a butterfly and a flower out of face paint on my face. My Aunt made a clothe for my teddy. My Aunt's daughter put nail polish, the nail polish color is pink with sparkles.

I went to Delhi with my mum. I met my, dad, brother, Nani, Nanu, cousins and Masi and Uncle. Together we went to a restaurant, we ate paneer, dal, nan, rice and aloo. We enjoyed the restaurant. Nani made many clothes for my teddy with my friend. she didn't us needles, she used a stitching machine.

Together with Alaka Mam
So many children with their mother and father!
Alaka mam with me!!
Speaking in German to them
Missing Alaka mam !
Alaka mam is here!!!
Together with my Aunt!!

Chatting together!!

Missing my maids!!
I went to Pune, I was feeling excited to go to pune, I met my Aunt. We ate lunch together, I met my maids, we called the painters to come and paint our wall of our old house. There are many cracks, we cleaned the cupboards, there were dust everywhere. We went to so many parties in my Aunt's house, we had lots of fun. On day the painters didn't come in the afternoon. So my mother got very upset. They came in the night, they broke some of our things. First they put cream and cement in the holes and cracks, then they scraped the walls. Then they put base paint, finally they pain it. While they were painting I was playing on the playground nearby. I played with my friend. We went to Alaka Mamm's house, I felt excited to meet her. Together with other deaf children, we were talking about Jesus Chriest, (what happened?, when he was born?). We gave the chocolates to the children.
THEN HAPPY NEW HEAR!, we saw fire crackers, I played with my new best friend in my Aunt's house. Then I came back to Germany.