Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Trip to India

Ready to go to Dubai!!!!
My mother with me in the airport!!!
I was waiting for the holidays to start. On the last day after my school on 19/12/13. I went to Dubai on the emirates flight.

My Aunt's Daughter with me!!!!
There is a problem on that plane. The problem was when I was hungry, the Air Hostess gave me a non-vegetarian meal. We are not non-vegetarian, we are vegetarian. So my mother was upset. So the Air Hostess gave me sandwiches, I was feeling better but the sandwiches are cold and hard. Then I reached Dubai and I met my Uncle, my Aunt and their daughter. Oh! wow what a lovely dosa my aunt, I ate it hungrily.

Yeahhhhhh got lots of tickets!!!1

Flying with the balloon!!!

Every thing in pink!!!! Got the ring in Fun City
Santa Claus gave me a gift!!!!
I want to buy something from here!!!
We went to Fun City for me to play. I was playing lots of games, I got lots of tickets so that I can buy something in Fun City. I bought a ring, tattoos and bracelet materials so that I can make a bracelet. I was feeling delighted. I went to another place , the name of the place is called festival city. The lady was taking pictures of us. Also in the festival city, we went to see the planets and the magician show. The magician showed magic tricks. We were sitting on bean bags, we were relaxed. There were very loud music, my mother tried one magic trick, the magic trick was to build a tour out of boxes without letting it to fall. Before they built a tour I prayed to god. There are 3 people with my mother, so they built a tour. The other 3 people's tours fell, but my mother was very clever and her tour didn't fall so she was a winner. All of the children came to sit next to Santa Claus. I was wondering what he was going to give and he gave box full of toy bricks. We had fun.

Got a Butterfly out of face paint on my face!!!
Missing my Aunt's Daughter :(  
Got a flower out of face paint and enjoying with mango juice!!!
We all went to a restaurant. We ate paneer, dal, aloo and desert. The clown made a butterfly and a flower out of face paint on my face. My Aunt made a clothe for my teddy. My Aunt's daughter put nail polish, the nail polish color is pink with sparkles.

I went to Delhi with my mum. I met my, dad, brother, Nani, Nanu, cousins and Masi and Uncle. Together we went to a restaurant, we ate paneer, dal, nan, rice and aloo. We enjoyed the restaurant. Nani made many clothes for my teddy with my friend. she didn't us needles, she used a stitching machine.

Together with Alaka Mam
So many children with their mother and father!
Alaka mam with me!!
Speaking in German to them
Missing Alaka mam !
Alaka mam is here!!!
Together with my Aunt!!

Chatting together!!

Missing my maids!!
I went to Pune, I was feeling excited to go to pune, I met my Aunt. We ate lunch together, I met my maids, we called the painters to come and paint our wall of our old house. There are many cracks, we cleaned the cupboards, there were dust everywhere. We went to so many parties in my Aunt's house, we had lots of fun. On day the painters didn't come in the afternoon. So my mother got very upset. They came in the night, they broke some of our things. First they put cream and cement in the holes and cracks, then they scraped the walls. Then they put base paint, finally they pain it. While they were painting I was playing on the playground nearby. I played with my friend. We went to Alaka Mamm's house, I felt excited to meet her. Together with other deaf children, we were talking about Jesus Chriest, (what happened?, when he was born?). We gave the chocolates to the children.
THEN HAPPY NEW HEAR!, we saw fire crackers, I played with my new best friend in my Aunt's house. Then I came back to Germany.