Sunday, October 9, 2011

Going to Holland

Beautiful and peaceful

Reading in the car

waiting to go in the cave

Elegant horses

Eating lunch

My family

Horses in the field

In the dark cave

Murals in the cave

4 Statues in the towncentre

Me and bear

The lantern

Dark cave

Ice cream time !!!!
Last week we went with my mum's friend Srishti Aunty to Holland. We reach Holland in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Holland is 100 km away from Dusseldorf.

I ate idli,chutney for lunch. I saw many horses. They were nibling on the grass and neighing loudly. Then I went to the caves. In the caves I felt cold and it was dark. I felt a little scared. I saw lots of painting.

I went to the town center in Maastricht. In the town center I saw 4 statues. I ate ice cream.

Then we went shopping.

I went to the petrol pump to drink coffee.

We went home.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going to Amsterdam

On Saturday I went to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam I went to museum to see Anne Frank's house. She was a girl. I saw so many diaries that she wrote everyday. She had her small house with the small steps. I found it difficult to climbed on the small steps. I saw where Anne Frank died and her father talking about her on the T.V.

I ate idli, chutney, french fries, ice cream for lunch. Then I felt sick because I ate so much food.

We went for a cruise on a boat for 1 hour. I took pictures and videos of the bridges, a building which looks like a plane, so many buildings.

I drank juice. We walked to the parking place but we could not find it. So we asked the person and they gave us directions. We went walking and we saw it then went home.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Making pizza

Rolling dough 

Applying oil

Put tomato sauce

Put so many vegetables,cheese and spices !
Ready to bake !

Ready to eat !!

I will eat it all !!!!

In the morning I was wondering what my mum was going to make. She told me a surprise. She said that she was going to make pizza. I was thrilled about what she told me. I got ready and I helped her to make pizza.

I needed pizza tray, dough, oil, tomato paste, cheese, pepper, red bell pepper, onion, broccoli and foil. I put the foil on the pizza tray, oil and spread it, we put dough and made it bigger , spread the tomato paste, cheese, pepper, put tomato, broccoli, onion, put it in the oven. I ate it after the pizza was ready.

The pizza was yummy. I felt excited while I ate it!!!!I wish to make it again.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Celebrating ganpati pooga at home

Happy pooja


Doing pooja

Excited to eat modak !!
In school when I came back from the class, I went to my mum then she told me that today is the Ganpati pooja and she said that will I help her to make modak. I said that ofcourse I will help her to make modak. I was thrilled about mummy telling me that it is ganpati pooja.

Then I went home and then we took some rest. Then we started to make modak. I will tell you how to make it. My mum put cocnut in the mixer. Then she grind the coconut in the mixer. Then we put gur then we mix it with the ladle and we make dough. We put the coconut filling in the dough. We roll it then we fry it.

Then daddy came back from office. We started to do pooja. We gave the ganpati modak. We gave him a bath. He was happy to eat what I and mummy made.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My new grade is 2.3

I go by car to the tram station. Then I go to school. I wait for the class to start. My class is up stairs in the first floor.

My teacher is different than the old teacher from grade 1. My class is different than the old class. My new school has a new teacher and class. This is a part of my community. From first grade I came to Germany. My teacher's name is Mrs. O'Brien. I love her. She is kind also she is caring the children. She teaches me everything. I was so happy about her. She explain me when I don't understand. 

Lots of my old friend from first grade are in my class. I learned interesting math,mathletics,purple mash,weekend news,a message,talking about myself,measuring tempreture,reading,number 1 to 100 and talking about calender.

I am excited and enthusiastic to learn more things in the 2nd grade.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Go to the picnic

Last week we decided to go for a picnic. So I went to Bonn by car to meet my mum's friend. Her name is Srishti aunty. Then we went to a picnic walking, and I was riding my scooter. Over there we put the mat on the grass and we put the food on the mat. We talked about Srishti 's Weekend, what did my family do, Srishti's mother .

We sang happy birthday to Srishti aunty. I found it very funny. Srishti was singing to herself.
I clicked pictures for my blog. I clicked pictures of the river Rhein, food, ducks, river and all of us. I ate Biryani, Spinach dish, cake, bread and juice. I played UNO and badminton.

Suddenly there was a accident. It was the person fell down. He sliped while he drives on the segway. He got hurt on his body. We gave him the pilow and some water. We waited for the ambulance to take him. The ambulance took the person who fell down.

I wish to go again. I had fun! I was so excited to go to the picnic.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making noodles

Mixing noodles!

Helping Rishabh !
            In the night I was so hungry. So my mum asked me do you wanted noodles? I and Rishabh said yes!!!!! She did not want to make it. So Rishabh and I made it.

We need water, oil, red bell pepper, onion, cheeses, ladle, tomato paste, spices,  noodles.

Why because Rishabh  and I were hungry. So we made it.

Who made it. I made it with Rishabh.

How did I made it -- I put oil, onion, red bell pepper, water, we mix it up with the ladle, noodles, spices, again mix it , cheeses.

I felt sad as I ate them all. I felt excited because the noodles is tasty. I felt cautious as the pan is hot.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playdate with Roesella

Rosella and Prisha

Snack time!!

we rode our scooters !


teddy and doggy!!

baby and doctor

Her bean plant!

Feeding the babies !
Rosella is my friend. She is from Korea and we study in school together. My friend's mum called my mum that could I go to Rosella's house for a play date. So my mum told me that I was going to her house for a play date. I was excited. I was worried that I don't forget the play date. I woke up early in the morning I packed my bag quickly with my scooter and kitchen set and I got ready. My mum said that first I needed to study. So I study. When I finished my study then I ate my food. My mum told me that I was impatchent (impatient). When  Rosella came to my house. I quickly went down and then I open the door. I jumped and said hi to Rosella! I picked my stuf and we went to the car and we went off to her house.

In Rosella's house we played with kitchen set , baby doctor , changing clothes , watch DvD. I ate corn , stawberries , cakebiscit. I watched movie called magic key , Ratatouille. R's mum asked me that if I wanted milk or water. I  said to R's mum that I wanted water. I asked Rosella if we watch DvD . She said she would.She was not well. She had a cold. I asked her if she was feeling better. She said yes she was.

When I came back home. I feel disapointed when I went back home. I felt very happy when I went to her house. I felt sad , lonely because the play date was over. I was tired because I played for a long time. I am happy because she would come on Monday at 2'o clock.