Friday, June 22, 2018

Memory of my Tough Times

I am hearing impaired. I have severe to profound hearing loss. I was born deaf, my mum didn't notice until I was 7 months old. My family was heart broken but wanted me to hear and speak. So we went to an audiologist, and she was not very kind and supportive. She wronged us. I did not get very good hearing aids. We went to a speech therapist, Alaka Maam. All her children have succeeded in their speech. I was very fearful to go to Alaka maams house as she was very strict and firm in her teachings. She is an amazing teacher, I miss her so much. All those tough times we had. I remember the anger, crying, and strict part. I love her. I thank her so much for all the things she taught me in order to get better in my speech. We went to her 2 days a week. We practice speaking in the garden, in the balcony, and everywhere in the house as home is a laboratory. My mum has also become a speech therapist, she made sure that i practiced my speech from 6:30 in the morning to my bedtime. She never made me have my way of doing things unless I spoke. I was bathed in language. I remember all the crying, laughter, and anger. It was a very tough time for me. 

When I was 6 years old, we moved to Germany and went to a German audiologist. I got perfect programmed hearing aids for the first time in my life. We were so happy. But we did not stop speech therapy, we still improve my speaking. And my mum taught me to sing and dance. I remember all the funny words i used to say to my family. I thank god for giving me to the right parents, I love my mum and dad and of course Rishabh so much. I am so happy to have them in my life. I thank my mum so much for making me wear hearing aids and speak. I don't want to sign. I will never forget an moment I had with mum, dad, Rishabh, Alaka Ma'am, and other people who helped me.

We moved here 2 and a half years ago and I got bullied a lot here, nobody would understand and help me lead a normal life. Sometimes I wish everybody treated me like I am a normal hearing child. I can hear one person at a time not when everybody talks together. I get confused. A lot of times, everybody thinks that I am ignoring that person while he or she is talking. Its nothing like that, it is just that I didn't hear the person. It will be lovely if the person would repeat or say it louder. I play the keyboard. I expect to lead a normal life like everybody else. My inspiration is Helen Keller who wa s blind and deaf at the age of 18 months. I learned through my life that nobody is perfect, everybody has problems. But we need to face it and become better in life. I thank my speech therapist Alaka Ma’am, my mum and everyone who helped me in my life. 

Bollywood Dance in NJIS Talentshow

It was the moment I have been waiting for, I love dancing, it is my passion. I love dancing Bollywood, hip hop and ballet. I haven't danced for a long time. Last Friday, we had talentshow where we show all of our talents, I decided to show a Bollywood Dance. I decided to dance Ghoomar and Radha combined. I was so excited. When everybody heard that I was doing a Bollywood dance. They were so excited and they said that they will be there for the dance. I was the only one in Njis who was doing a traditional dance. All the teachers and most of my friends were waiting impatiently to see my dance. One of my friends asked me are you doing a casual Bollywood dance, I said "YESSSS!!!!!!!"

My music teacher helped me make the slides for the background. It was amazing! I danced on the same Ghoomar dance that Deepika Padukone danced on. I cropped the music to make it half Ghoomar and half Radha. The reason why I am doing Radha again is because I didn't have much time to dance the full version of Ghoomar. I love the song. It was fun to tryout new steps finally. I was so happy that I got a chance to do a solo in an event. Before, I never got enough acceptance and confidence to do it. But when I did it here, everyone cheered, applauded and whistled. After the dance. Everyone came to me and said that I was amazing, they loved it. My mum took pictures of my classmates and I together. It made me feel so happy and I thank my mum for putting me in. I practiced everyday. I was unwell the whole time but still I never gave up and rocked the stage. I can never give up my passions, art, singing, dancing, and keyboard.

After all this happened, my confidence kept rising, I felt so happy and I also feel so much acceptance and support this school gave me. I thank them, NJIS ROCKS!!!!! I am happy here in NJIS. I am so happy and excited for my future. See you in my next post!!!

If you want to see my dance, click here.

My First Best Ever Parent Teacher Conference

We had a parent teacher conference, I was so excited since I love going to parent teacher conference because I couldn't wait to hear what teachers will say about me. First we went to meet the art teacher, he said that I did well during class and he is happy to have me in class!! He said I got all A+ on my art projects. I was shocked because after 2 and a half years of lack of art, I thought my art will never turn out so good!!

We met the PE teacher and he said that I was doing well in class, I thought that my PE skills are very low because we didn't have PE for 2 and a half years but it started out well. I could run fast still which I was very happy about.

After that we went to the counselor and she said that I am such an amazing child. She also said that she is so happy to have me in NJIS. She got curious about how I can hear and how I can speak. I was so happy. She hugged us so tight and I was so happy to feel the acceptance that this school is giving me.

We went to the science class, I got so many good feedbacks. She said that I am enjoying this class and I am doing very well in my classworks and homeworks. Then as we approach to my bahasa class, I ran in and excitedly said hi to my teacher. She was very excited to meet my mother. She said that I did well in my class and I am a talented girl and she loves to have me in class. She gave me a chance to dance an Indonesian dance on Indonesian Day. I was happy.

Maths, English, and Social Studies teachers all said that I did well in my class. I wanted the studies to a little bit challenging because I love challenges because it is fun to solve them.

Advisory was the best because, the teacher said that one day I will make a change to the world and I am so positive and talented. He said my future will become very exciting. He also said that what I am doing is very inspiring and he said that I am lucky that I have a mother like my mother.

We went to the music teacher, I was kinda scared of her. But then I realized that I did not have to be scared. She was so happy to see me. She said that she loves my dance and it rocked the stage. She was so proud of the girl I became. And she said that my singing is IMPROVING!!!!! Finally, the pitch is improving and I was so happy. I thought I would never improve it.

I am glad that I have improved a lot. I appreciate all the acceptance. I thank the lord that I got the right school after 7 and a half years. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018


NJIS is an amazing school, so far it was awesome. Today in art, when I was painting, my artistic skills has improved, thanks to my art teacher. I could not believe my blending skills and other skills have improved a lot. When I made a painting, it looked so real. I improved in my sketching skills,  painting, and even charcoal and pastels. Charcoal and colour pastels were my first time to use and I improved it in no time. I learned all the things and skills that i have to use and be careful to use.

 Today for the first time, we won the basketball match. I have never won a sport before except in Germany I won the second place in the race. Immediately when i came out of art class to go for PE. I was shooting the basketball in the basket, it went inside continuously. I am amazed, I improved a lot in my sports. Thanks to my PE teacher.

After PE, I had after school art, a couple of my classmates were there, finishing their paintings. When I finished my painting. I looked at it, I was shocked, it looked amazing. Most of my friends were asking me to teach them my skill since I did so well. I was so happy.

In this school, I have started to become more confident, and not be so negative like before. I don't cry often now anymore. I have more friends. I learned more things nowadays. I thank my mum and God for helping me!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

My First Few Weeks in my New School

When I entered my school, most of the teachers said hi to me. All of my classmates were so happy to see me. They saw me in trial class last year. So they know me, and all of the people are so friendly. Finally I am able to speak German to one of my teachers since she is German. I could do more art than in GMIS. My speaking has become so much better, there is no bullying in this school. I have so many friends in this school. After 2 and a half years, I am having better friends and better teachers finally. Everyday I am so excited to go to school much more than in GMIS.

On my birthday, I brought German pizza my mum and I made. Everyone loved it, some of my classmates gave me chocolates, nail polish and a card. Every one said happy birthday. My social studies teacher sang the happy birthday song to me with my other classmates. 

The art and PE class was just like how it was in Germany. I was so happy to feel it again. I am so happy that the homework is less finally. This school is amazing, I love it!!!

In my next blog post, I will give some more details

Monday, December 25, 2017

Last Day in Gandhi Memorial International School

It was the right time for me to leave Gandhi Memorial International School. I was excited to leave this school. When I went to school, I saw everyone looking at me sadly asking "Why are you leaving?" I was a little sad to leave my favourite teachers and best friends away. Some of my classmates and friends ran into me and hugged me so many times and I almost fell down. One of my friends surprised me with amazing card with everyone's message to me. I was so delighted to see the card. My friends and teachers took selfies with me as a memory. They all wished me good luck and hoped that I will come back.
Miss Shalaza and me!!

Sir Alex and me!!

Maya and me!!

 Raissa, Deborah, Dinesh, Uday, Aparna and me!!

Deborah, Kim, Aparna and me!!

Manavi, Prakshi, Kim, Raissa, Adelia, Aparna and me!!

Anmol and me!!

Hima, Padmashree and me!!
Rashmi and me!!

Gabriella and me!!
It was a fun day also. All my classmates were loud but funny. I gave my bookmarks to my friends and teachers, they all said it was their favourite. I felt so nice and felt like crying a little. They were my favourite teachers. But I realised that we need to let things go and we will get new and better things.
Goodbye GMIS

I am excited to go to the new school NJIS. It has so many foreigner teachers, I am excited to get my life back. I can speak better finally. I am so excited to have new experiences finally. I will write about my first day in my next post!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Best Day Started........

Today went well, much better than I thought it would be. It all started in the morning when I was bored after studying the whole morning. But then my mum came up to me and said that I should learn how to cook with her. I thought that it was a great idea. I always want to learn to cook. I thought it would be a great opportunity. I have made chapatis and I used to cut vegetables so that I can help my mum when I was little. So today I made some delicious instant noodles using the instant pot. My mum taught me how to cut the vegetables like beans and carrots. I have cut olives, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. before.  It was easy to cut them. Then I started learning which masalas and all the spices I have to put in my noodles. So this is how I made it:

I first cut the vegetables that I have to add. Then I added 5 teaspoons of oil. After that I added this ginger, garlic and chilli mix and mixed it together. The smell was sooooooo strong. Then I added the onions. Next, I mixed it and then added all the other veggies. After that I put ketchup, the noodles masala, salt, etc. Afterwards I mixed it and added the noodle broken into pieces and 1 and a half cup of water. Then I closed the pot. It  took 5 mins.

I found that it was so easy.

(Remember never Give up!!!! Keep trying until you succeed. Thats Important. We are afraid to try something new because we think it is going to be difficult. No it is not difficult. If you say it is going to be difficult, it is just from your mind and you haven't experienced it yet. Once you experience it, you realise it is not that difficult. Don't give up the new experiences. Try it to learn from it and see how it will change your life.)

My family loved my noodles. They enjoyed it so did I. I was so happy that I at least did some cooking after a long time. It was fun making the noodles.

Later that day, I realised that I should complete my studies. But then I got a message from my friend, she told me to come to her house and we should draw together . We tried to draw with oil pastels. It was my friends first time but I have used it a lot. So for the first time I drew a realistic eye. It was so difficult and I like to do complicated things and make it simple. (Remember don't give up)
First time!!

Looks so real!!
So I had a lot of fun!!!