Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Best Day Started........

Today went well, much better than I thought it would be. It all started in the morning when I was bored after studying the whole morning. But then my mum came up to me and said that I should learn how to cook with her. I thought that it was a great idea. I always want to learn to cook. I thought it would be a great opportunity. I have made chapatis and I used to cut vegetables so that I can help my mum when I was little. So today I made some delicious instant noodles using the instant pot. My mum taught me how to cut the vegetables like beans and carrots. I have cut olives, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. before.  It was easy to cut them. Then I started learning which masalas and all the spices I have to put in my noodles. So this is how I made it:

I first cut the vegetables that I have to add. Then I added 5 teaspoons of oil. After that I added this ginger, garlic and chilli mix and mixed it together. The smell was sooooooo strong. Then I added the onions. Next, I mixed it and then added all the other veggies. After that I put ketchup, the noodles masala, salt, etc. Afterwards I mixed it and added the noodle broken into pieces and 1 and a half cup of water. Then I closed the pot. It  took 5 mins.

I found that it was so easy.

(Remember never Give up!!!! Keep trying until you succeed. Thats Important. We are afraid to try something new because we think it is going to be difficult. No it is not difficult. If you say it is going to be difficult, it is just from your mind and you haven't experienced it yet. Once you experience it, you realise it is not that difficult. Don't give up the new experiences. Try it to learn from it and see how it will change your life.)

My family loved my noodles. They enjoyed it so did I. I was so happy that I at least did some cooking after a long time. It was fun making the noodles.

Later that day, I realised that I should complete my studies. But then I got a message from my friend, she told me to come to her house and we should draw together . We tried to draw with oil pastels. It was my friends first time but I have used it a lot. So for the first time I drew a realistic eye. It was so difficult and I like to do complicated things and make it simple. (Remember don't give up)
First time!!

Looks so real!!
So I had a lot of fun!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Great Change From 6th Grade to 7th Grade

I was in 6th grade. People used to be so nice when i first came to Gandhi school. But after one month, I noticed everyone used to be so mean to me. They used to talk about me so much in my class. I have only 2 friends in the whole six grade. They are in other classes. There were 4 girls who are super mean. They laughed at me, talked about me, complained about what I do to Ms Vandana. Ms Vandana was also very mean to me. During exams, Ms Vandana were supposed to sign our papers but she signed others and left mine. I asked her politely please sign my paper. She gave me a rude look and signed it. Ms Vandana used to also gossip about me with the 4 girls and I was so mad. Others were also influenced and joined them. Two of the girls in my class were joining to complain to the supervisor and coordinator. Even the two girls have bit of the same problem with Ms Vandana and 4 girls. The supervisor, coordinator, even the principal and my parents helped me to get a good class this year.
WOO HOO!!! Amazing

I am now in 7th grade. I completed the first term, IT WENT A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I love all of my teachers. They all are my favourite teachers. I have so many new friends. Some friends in 8th grade and 2 friends from other classes and so many friends in my class. Thanks to my amazing coordinator, supervisor, principal and my parents. All the girls and boys in my class are my friends. It has been a great change. I learned to be happy always and never be sad. I have thanked all of the people who helped me. All my teachers understand my problems. If I have a problem, they will help me. If I didnt complete my homework they will give me time to complete it. So if I want to make sure that I understood what I am supposed to do, I repeat it to my teacher and she/he listens to me patiently and solve all the problems I have. They said that I am their favourite student.

Me and my Friend 


Ooh Yeah!! Gotta DAB!!
I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS!!! I got the BEST marks for my exams.
English language- 76/100
English literature- 54/100
PnM (pancasila and moral) - 74/100
Geography- 72/100
I am so happy for what I got. I thank all of my teachers. I have studied all by my self and I have been prepared for all my tests.

I have so many friends. I had a better year. I THANK ALL MY TEACHERS, COORDINATOR, SUPERVISOR, PRINCIPAL AND MY PARENTS WHO HELPED ME ALOT. I had great time with my classmates. A few girls and boys helped me to understand what my teachers said, even if I have a problem or missed out somthing. They all are my best friends. I feel thankful and grateful for all my classmates and teachers. I have done so many activities, like dancing, assemblies, some sports activities, cheerleading. I feel very positive, strong and happy. I would never forget this memory ever in my life. The best grade was 7th grade. I am so proud of my self. 

I have written a quote "Life is beautiful, say goodbye to the pain of the past, we dont have to feel it anymore. REMEMBER LOVE AND HAPPINESS IS EVERYWHERE!!!!" This have helped me to become positive and never have any fear. I have been writing quotes and poems to make me stay positive. 
My new Quote!!!

My new Quote!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Quotes that I made

My first Quote!!

My second Quote!!

My third quote!!

My fourth Quote!!
I made four quotes. They are all about how life is. Life is very difficult. By reading the quotes other people make, I started to think that maybe I should try make a quote. So that is why i made these quotes. My first one is "life is all about love and happiness". We should never be stressed or something like that. We should always be happy.

My second quote is "no one can be a loser you are always a winner". We should never think that you are a loser. We are always a winner. If you lose a game then it is okay because you always win a good goal.

My third quote is " no one can hurt you, if the person did then fight back". I have seen a lot of bullying is happening. People keep bullying me every time. But you have to fight back. Be stronger and ignore the pain.

My fourth one is "life is never perfect take a deep breath and say i will be stronger". Life cannot be perfect, there can be some issues in life. Life cannot be the way you want. All you do is take a deep breath and say i will be stronger.

So these are the things that should help you be stronger and be happy. Always stay happy and healthy.

Monday, June 8, 2015

My First Time Going by Tram to School and Home by Myself

On 27th of May I had to go by tram back home from school. We sold our cars because we are moving in June. I did it all my self and my mother didn't show me how to do it, she just told me the instructions on how to do it. I had so much feelings and one of them was I felt hesitant because I thought that I could not to do it at all. Also I felt very little bit excited because it might be fun and I have seen my brother going alone confidently and he had no problem doing it.

Yayyyy!!!!!!!!! 😃 I am home It was easy peasy lemon squeezy, I should have thought that before I came back home. I was excited to see my mum. Also I had a huge smile on my face.😊

Here is the ticket I got!! It was easy, I'll explain it to you how to do it. So first tap the screen then on the bottom in the screen is says all the languages. Click a British flag that means in English. Then click single person Oberursel if you live in Oberursel. Then it shows an adult or a child (6-14 years). If you are a child that is in between 6-14 years click child. If you are an adult then click adult. Then it says the cost of the tram ticket, so you have to put money in the machine. You will get some money back if you spend more than the cost. If you are with another person then do all the same thing as the part for a single person except the money. Then on the the bottom of the screen it says to add another person so click it. And it shows again an adult or a child (6-14 years), so click who the other person is whether she/he is a child (6-14 years) or and adult. Then put the money in and then you will get some money back if you spend more than the cost. And also you will get the ticket. I followed the steps and I was a child so I clicked child. It was easy and fun. I met my mum.

When I got back home my mum was so proud of me so she gave me a surprise. It is a mug where you could drink cold or hot drink. What a lovely surprise. It is amazing. Thank you mum!!!😊😘

This is how the machine looks like. Again I made the ticket for myself.

also did it for my mum because it was fun.

Me sitting in the tram reading while waiting for to reach, it was easy.

We have reached the station. I am ready to go to school. It was an amazing experience ever in my life. I will have to thank my mum for helping me. She has been a lovely and great mum. I love you so much. 😘😘😊😃😃

Thursday, October 9, 2014

🌸 🌺 My Experience in Oberursel 🌺 🌸

My best room!! My room forever!!

I am writing about what I have done in the last 2 months. We moved to Oberursel near Frankfurt on 30/6/14. We stayed in my dad's house for one night because the house we all were going to live had no beds.

In the last 2 months we had no internet. My family was so bored, so my mum decided to paint on canvas with me. A few days later, the postman got us a box. when we brought it to the living room, I asked my brother what was inside? he said "think" then I said "internet"? He said "yes". I jumped so many times, but  he said we don't know if it worked. Then I stopped jumping and also I saw a mini ipad and I was so happy that the mini ipad is only for my dad, mum and my brother. The big ipad is mine forever!!!!! A few days later, the data plan in the USB stick was over. So we had to wait again.

Two weeks later, the internet man came to fix the internet and he brought cables too. Then the internet worked! That made all of us happy, my dad has his new phone and mini ipad. We got my brother's results on his birthday and he passed his graduation. My dad went by bus to get my mum's car and he drove it home from Munich, I was excited.

I was feeling sad that my mum decided to cut my hair because it too long and I could not manage it. it was very short but it looked pretty. I felt very happy.

I had a friend who came to my house for a morning snack. Her name is Diya. She is not allowed peanuts. Suddenly she ate it, she was breathless. Her mum said Diya and she had to rush home to give her medicine. Her mum said it wasn't my mum's fault, it was her fault because she forgot to tell my mum not to give peanuts to Diya. My mum was guilty, sad and nervous. 
WEEEEEE!! THAT IS AWESOME!! Made so many friends!!

My New School!!
We went to see my new school named FIS (Frankfurt International School. I met two new friends named Tanya and Ria. We went to see my brother's house because he is staying alone and he is in college for 3 years. After we came back we went to a restaurant and we all ate vege pizza. Tanya and Ria came to my house for a snack. We had so much fun!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Visit to the Christmas Market !!!!

My dad told me that we are going to the Christmas market. The reason why we want to go to the Christmas market is because my mum wants to buy some gifts for our family and our friends.

Christmas market starts 5 weeks before Christmas. On 25th Dec Christmas is Jesus Christ birthday. The season is winter and it is very cold and rainy. There are colourful lights and colourful decorations. There are vibrant green Christmas trees and some Santa Claus statues. Also there was a giant wheel. The Christmas market looks magnificent. There was a shop which shaped like a boat. There are so many things we can buy like hats, scarves, jackets, mats, winter clothes and also in the Indian shops you can buy Indian mats and other stuff that come from India. When I was walking I smelled lots of food and drinks like french fries, pork, candy, bread, meat and hot chocolate. There are jewellery and other things that are available.

I was feeling animated. Lots of people were having fun. I have been going to the Christmas market last two years.

The End

Song Called Shining


When I close my eyes then I can see 
When I close my eyes I am alive
When I close my eyes I am-not afraid
Zig zag zo dibi dibi zo deep in the sea asi man dasi man dasi man dasi dasi man 
Zig zag zo dibi dibi zo deep in the sea asi man dasi man dasi man dasi dasi man
Starasha starasha star shines in the sky
Starasha starasha take me to the river take me to the sea climb the highest mountain and go there with me.
Starasha starasha sun shines every daylight
Starasha starasha sun please come out from the clouds
Starasha starasha let it be sunny everyday
Starasha starasha take me to the river take me to the sea climb the highest mountain and go there with me.
Starasha starasha if you take me to the sea at night then the stars will shine on the the sea it will look so beautiful
Through the clouds and the rain_______ for the rest of your life___
I wish I wish that I could catch the stars
I wish I wish I could play on the stars
I wish I wish I could fly with the stars 
When I close my eyes I am-not afraid 
When I try to see the reason why, if I ever could understand

I would find the hope to me try and I am-not afraid
Take me to the river take me to the sea climb the highest mountain and go there with me.
Take me where the wind blows_, Take me to the sun_
Take me to the river that flows to the sea_____
When I try to see the reason why, if I ever could understand
I would find the hope to me try and I am-not afraid and I am-not afraid

The End