Thursday, October 9, 2014

🌸 🌺 My Experience in Oberursel 🌺 🌸

My best room!! My room forever!!

I am writing about what I have done in the last 2 months. We moved to Oberursel near Frankfurt on 30/6/14. We stayed in my dad's house for one night because the house we all were going to live had no beds.

In the last 2 months we had no internet. My family was so bored, so my mum decided to paint on canvas with me. A few days later, the postman got us a box. when we brought it to the living room, I asked my brother what was inside? he said "think" then I said "internet"? He said "yes". I jumped so many times, but  he said we don't know if it worked. Then I stopped jumping and also I saw a mini ipad and I was so happy that the mini ipad is only for my dad, mum and my brother. The big ipad is mine forever!!!!! A few days later, the data plan in the USB stick was over. So we had to wait again.

Two weeks later, the internet man came to fix the internet and he brought cables too. Then the internet worked! That made all of us happy, my dad has his new phone and mini ipad. We got my brother's results on his birthday and he passed his graduation. My dad went by bus to get my mum's car and he drove it home from Munich, I was excited.

I was feeling sad that my mum decided to cut my hair because it too long and I could not manage it. it was very short but it looked pretty. I felt very happy.

I had a friend who came to my house for a morning snack. Her name is Diya. She is not allowed peanuts. Suddenly she ate it, she was breathless. Her mum said Diya and she had to rush home to give her medicine. Her mum said it wasn't my mum's fault, it was her fault because she forgot to tell my mum not to give peanuts to Diya. My mum was guilty, sad and nervous. 
WEEEEEE!! THAT IS AWESOME!! Made so many friends!!

My New School!!
We went to see my new school named FIS (Frankfurt International School. I met two new friends named Tanya and Ria. We went to see my brother's house because he is staying alone and he is in college for 3 years. After we came back we went to a restaurant and we all ate vege pizza. Tanya and Ria came to my house for a snack. We had so much fun!!!

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