Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Quotes that I made

My first Quote!!

My second Quote!!

My third quote!!

My fourth Quote!!
I made four quotes. They are all about how life is. Life is very difficult. By reading the quotes other people make, I started to think that maybe I should try make a quote. So that is why i made these quotes. My first one is "life is all about love and happiness". We should never be stressed or something like that. We should always be happy.

My second quote is "no one can be a loser you are always a winner". We should never think that you are a loser. We are always a winner. If you lose a game then it is okay because you always win a good goal.

My third quote is " no one can hurt you, if the person did then fight back". I have seen a lot of bullying is happening. People keep bullying me every time. But you have to fight back. Be stronger and ignore the pain.

My fourth one is "life is never perfect take a deep breath and say i will be stronger". Life cannot be perfect, there can be some issues in life. Life cannot be the way you want. All you do is take a deep breath and say i will be stronger.

So these are the things that should help you be stronger and be happy. Always stay happy and healthy.

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  1. So inspiring, Prisha.
    Keep writing and sharing your thoughts ��
    Big hug !