Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Visit to the Christmas Market !!!!

My dad told me that we are going to the Christmas market. The reason why we want to go to the Christmas market is because my mum wants to buy some gifts for our family and our friends.

Christmas market starts 5 weeks before Christmas. On 25th Dec Christmas is Jesus Christ birthday. The season is winter and it is very cold and rainy. There are colourful lights and colourful decorations. There are vibrant green Christmas trees and some Santa Claus statues. Also there was a giant wheel. The Christmas market looks magnificent. There was a shop which shaped like a boat. There are so many things we can buy like hats, scarves, jackets, mats, winter clothes and also in the Indian shops you can buy Indian mats and other stuff that come from India. When I was walking I smelled lots of food and drinks like french fries, pork, candy, bread, meat and hot chocolate. There are jewellery and other things that are available.

I was feeling animated. Lots of people were having fun. I have been going to the Christmas market last two years.

The End

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