Monday, June 8, 2015

My First Time Going by Tram to School and Home by Myself

On 27th of May I had to go by tram back home from school. We sold our cars because we are moving in June. I did it all my self and my mother didn't show me how to do it, she just told me the instructions on how to do it. I had so much feelings and one of them was I felt hesitant because I thought that I could not to do it at all. Also I felt very little bit excited because it might be fun and I have seen my brother going alone confidently and he had no problem doing it.

Yayyyy!!!!!!!!! 😃 I am home It was easy peasy lemon squeezy, I should have thought that before I came back home. I was excited to see my mum. Also I had a huge smile on my face.😊

Here is the ticket I got!! It was easy, I'll explain it to you how to do it. So first tap the screen then on the bottom in the screen is says all the languages. Click a British flag that means in English. Then click single person Oberursel if you live in Oberursel. Then it shows an adult or a child (6-14 years). If you are a child that is in between 6-14 years click child. If you are an adult then click adult. Then it says the cost of the tram ticket, so you have to put money in the machine. You will get some money back if you spend more than the cost. If you are with another person then do all the same thing as the part for a single person except the money. Then on the the bottom of the screen it says to add another person so click it. And it shows again an adult or a child (6-14 years), so click who the other person is whether she/he is a child (6-14 years) or and adult. Then put the money in and then you will get some money back if you spend more than the cost. And also you will get the ticket. I followed the steps and I was a child so I clicked child. It was easy and fun. I met my mum.

When I got back home my mum was so proud of me so she gave me a surprise. It is a mug where you could drink cold or hot drink. What a lovely surprise. It is amazing. Thank you mum!!!😊😘

This is how the machine looks like. Again I made the ticket for myself.

also did it for my mum because it was fun.

Me sitting in the tram reading while waiting for to reach, it was easy.

We have reached the station. I am ready to go to school. It was an amazing experience ever in my life. I will have to thank my mum for helping me. She has been a lovely and great mum. I love you so much. 😘😘😊😃😃

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